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If you’re wondering about hiring futurist David Zach to be your next keynote speaker, here are a few considerations:

1. You want credentials.

Dave earned a master’s degree in Studies of the Future from the University of Houston. If you’re going to position a futurist on the program, it’s important for your audience to know he’s not just making this stuff up. With over 1400 keynote speeches so far, he’s got a track record that’s easy to search and find. He was also recently elected to the board of the American Institute of Architects, so he's earned credibility in the broader professional world. He constantly follows his curiosity to keep aware on a fascinating range of new topics and trends – after all, you don't want any of that futurist stuff to get old ...

2. You want funny.

Though he will not market himself as a humorist, audience members always marvel at how they expected a dry and statistical talk from a futurist, and got one where they were laughing continually — with the humor always making a point and always holding their attention. Dave knows that if you can laugh at the future, it’s not as threatening, so people can be learning instead of worrying.

3. You want serious.

One minute they’re laughing and in the next, you can hear a pin drop. Weaving fascinating ideas with profound cultural and societal implications, those who hear Dave find themselves deep in thought one moment and then engaged in some of the best conversations they’ve had in years. This makes for memorable meetings.

4. You want understanding, not platitudes.

His talks are never canned. He has a variety of themes which he uses to weave in facts, issues and trends that are pointed inward towards the concerns of your audience. He’s not an industry speaker, but he knows how to take what’s outside your profession and show how that’s important on the inside. Whether it's insurance, telecommunications, economic development, community colleges, or even the future of museums, Dave can connect those future trends with practical everyday concerns.

5. You want engagement.

Dave doesn’t go to speaker conventions or futurist meetings. He often goes to the meetings he speaks at and makes an effort to figure out how all the thinking that’s going on in each of those different industries can be connected into yours. Sometimes it’s the conversations that he has off the stage that people appreciate the most. Dave knows how to think into other boxes.

6. You want stage presence.

It’s more than just being on stage, it’s knowing how to hold an audience so they’ll remember what was said and tell others. It’s about capturing imagination and taking people on a fascinating journey into the future and change the way they see things. It’s about an unexpected delight in the form of a talk that connects the past to the future and all that we care about right now.

7. He’ll say "Thank you."

Audience members will often comment about how obvious it is that Dave loves what he does. They also say he’s down to earth, easy to work with and is genuinely interested in sharing his time and his attention. He’s grateful to have the chance to work with you and be able to entertain, educate and learn from your industry, your topics, your audience.

So give him a call. He likes to talk.