AV & Room Setup

Along with this checklist please coordinate with the AV people so I can meet with them at least an hour ahead of time to make sure they know my presentation style and content, I know their needs and as a result, everything works at showtime.

  1. Digital projector with high resolution. It’s a good idea to check if the projector has worked with an Apple products. Depending upon the talk, I’ll use either a MacBook Air or an iPad. I do bring both VGA and HDMI adaptors for both devices.
  2. A line for sound is sometimes needed.
  3. A powerstrip.
  4. Screen size appropriate to size of audience and room.
  5. High-quality wireless lavaliere microphone.
  6. My computer should be near the stage or area where I’ll be speaking. If there are other speakers on the program, my computer should be on a separate table.
  7. Please allow for a reasonable space at the front of the room for me to walk as I talk.
  8. Please work with the AV/Facilities people to ensure that the room is reasonably well lit AND the screen is not washed with light and does not have any direct spotlights on it. My slides have light backgrounds and are designed to work with the lights on.

If any of the above 8 points cannot be fulfilled, please contact me ahead of time so we can discuss and coordinate.

I use an Apple MacBook Air or iPad in all of my presentations and workshops. Images are shown using the Apple app “Keynote” (similar to Powerpoint) with typically 40 to 50 slides in a 60 to 90 minute talk and are projected from start to finish of the talk. Please note: what’s shown is not “death by Powerpoint,” but rather an interesting mix of futuristic and historic images (and very few words) to illustrate my points.

I do not release my slides ahead of the presentation. A PDF of the slide deck can be made available for distribution or posting on your site after the presentation.

Video recording of my talks is possible; please contact me for details. I can be reached via email or at 414-278-0414.