I’ve often had this in my talks, a litany perhaps of what I think has happened to the world of children, to the world of innocence. Afterwards, many would come up asking for a copy of the poem. OK, I guess I’m a poet and didn’t know it. It should have a counter-poem that’s more hopeful, as I believe we all must be.

Children in Moon

Nothing can wait.

Nothing can last.

Nothing can satisfy.


No one can be unhappy.

No one can be judged.

No one can be trusted.


Nothing is hidden.

Nothing is forbidden.

Nothing is certain.


Everyone will be connected.

Everyone will be famous.

Everyone will be followed.


Everything is a need.

Everything is a choice.

Everything is possible.


At first glance, the notion of “everything is possible” is exactly what we want. We want to be free of restraints, we want to be free to do more, to be more. That’s what we see at first glance and that freedom has been a good thing. Second glance we see signs of decadence, signs of decay. Look a third time to see signs of willful self-destruction. These are not details of a world that is optimistic, generative, looking forward to the future. This is preface to a world that has grown tired and wants to sleep.