Well, I’ve gone and done it. I burned the ships. I’ve suspended my relationships with speaker bureaus. I have given up the title Futurist. (Well, it was getting old.) I had a sense of getting outdated and I was getting tired of all the prognostication and pretentions going on around me. For me, this has never been about predicting the future, because I don’t believe it can be done. It has been all about helping my audience explore possibilities and pursuing truths in amongst all the noise. I have become more fascinated with the past, with a search for eternals and for the paradoxes that inevitably swirl around such ideas. I want to dance with ideas.

This withdrawal from the speaking business has been in the works since 2013. After leaving the AIA National Board (one of the best experiences of my life – because of all the friendships and learning) I knew I couldn’t quite go back to just being a speaker. I started cutting back on the number of talks and began to turn down most all of the corporate gigs. I continue to get rid of clutter and have dived deeper into reading on design, reinvention, curiosity and the cultivating of new seedlings.

So in honor of my 60th round trip through the solar system and over 1500 keynotes, I want to stop talking for a while. I want to listen more, read more, write a little and think. I want to plot and plan. I want a little mischief and a few more adventures of the heart, mind and soul. Welcome to my slightly uncertain, slightly scary (to me) David Zach 2.0. To paraphrase Peter Pan, “To [fill in the blank] will be an awfully big adventure.”