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Video: AIA-IL The Future of Curiosity

Futurist keynote presentation for AIA-IL 2021 annual conference. Alas, in a time of COVID, the event had all the architects and designers attend virtually. Some of the topics included:

  1. Why curiosity is at the center of future architecture and design,
  2. Why too much of an architect’s job is likely to be automated,
  3. How we need to develop an “Apologetics of Design,”
  4. The Pandora Effect (why we inevitably explore even we’re told not to),
  5. How the freedom to fail is more important than the freedom to succeed,
  6. Curating emerging professional careers,
  7. The need of philosophy and theology in architecture education,
  8. Why we are not meant to be alone and need to take more risks, and why trust is the foundation of freedom,
  9. How the AIA has become too self-focused and perhaps should get a little bit drunk from time to time. (Read the book Drunk by Edward Slingerland for fun and fascinating insights on why this is not a flippant remark.)

If you’ve attended one of my many talks to architects and designers, you know by the end, all of this is connected and provides a fascinating way of looking at architecture and the profession in fun and curious ways.

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  1. David Zach, a name from the past! That’s a bit strange for a futurist!
    So if you want to learn more about me,
    you’ll have to inquire about my request?

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