Ideas: Everything Is Possible

Nothing can wait.
Nothing can last.
Nothing can satisfy.

No one can be unhappy.
No one can be judged.
No one can be trusted.

Nothing is hidden.
Nothing is certain.
Nothing is forbidden.

Everything is a need.
Everything is a choice.
Everything is possible.


When I would talk about education or the necessity of the connection of generations across time, this poem emerged from my talks. I didn’t know it was a poem, but people kept asking to get a copy of the “poem.”

It’s said that the point of prose is to say what you mean, and the point of poetry is to not say what you mean. The title and the last line is to suggest that this is what we’ve always wanted, for everything to finally be possible. To throw off the shackles of the past and be genuinely free. A second glance at everything is possible, we see contradictions. A third glance and we see a future without limits, without boundaries, and without hope…

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