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If I was any good as a Futurist, wouldn’t I have known how much the future was going to change in 2020? Luckily, this is not about predicting what’s going to happen next. It’s much more about knowing how to think no matter what happens next.

What happened next was COVID. Here I was, minding my own business, which wasn’t really a business any more and looking forward to what else was going to capture my attention. Pandemics have a way of getting people to realize what’s important and what is perhaps fleeting. I soon realized that the intrigue of new clients and the continued engagement with the design community were too fascinating to give up completely. And, as we make it through the pandemic, more and more people are realizing that the long-term really is important.

Here’s where things stand in mid-2021. I am open to a limited number of keynote speaking engagements that would be a good fit between my ideas and your audience. Preferably we’re looking out later into 2021 or even into 2022 for in-person gatherings. I rather loath Zoom-type talks, as I need to see my audience and engage with them. We may have learned to be peasants again in 2020, and we definitely learned we are not meant to be alone.

This Website:

After all those years of speaking, there are a few enduring ideas worth sharing. Some are broad themes, some intriguing quotations and sometimes curious anecdotes. All relate the future, either in terms of changes or in terms of traditions. Unlike my talks, these are not presented here in any logical order,  but more along the lines of what’s catching my attention. Some of these I will also be posting on LinkedIn.

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