Milwaukee Athletic Club Art Deco Bar

Art Deco Vintage Postcard Collection

For a variety of reasons, I collected vintage postcards for many years, both of Milwaukee and of Art Deco buildings. This was something to do while traveling and the hunt was always interesting and educational.

Scans of the Art Deco Postcard collection can be found on my Pinterest account. The collection of the postcards was eventually donated to the Chicago Art Deco Society, which promptly auctioned them off for a fraction of the value. I was not amused…

The Milwaukee Vintage Postcard collection can be seen here.

Below is a higher resolution image of one of my favorite postcards and took me years to find. The M.A.C. or Milwaukee Athletic Club had a rather outrageously Streamline Art Deco cocktail bar in the 1930s and 40s. Even more outrageous is that it was all torn out years ago and nothing of it remains as far anyone at the MAC can tell. A bar like that just invites you to get over served.